Medical (2014)

Current Status

Medical Marijuana

You can only consume extractions of cannabis, not the natural flower form itself. This is still illegal.

The law requires patients and their doctors to participate in an onerous and costly study. But does not impose concentration requirements for THC or CBD.

The law contains some of the strongest privacy protections for patients, though the state seeks to collect medical data from physicians on the patients for whom they recommend medical cannabis.





Two manufacturers will be certified in 2015, and each will have four distribution points spread across the state by July 2016.

Minnesota became the 22nd state to legalize medical marijuana on May 29, 2014

Important Cannabis Laws

SF 2470 (2014) : provides legal protections for patients with certain debilitating medical conditions who obtain a physician’s recommendation for the use of medical cannabis products.

HF 3142 (2016) : improves transportation laws for testing and disposal and allows pharmacists to videoconference with patients

Minnesota Medical Cannabis Rules, Chapter 4770 (2014)